We offer services to organizations requiring research for grant proposals, business decisions, curriculum or program development, or other projects requiring in-depth, rigorous, data-driven research.   Our comprehensive and professional reports provide valuable insight to organizations considering change or making crucial decisions.  

We offer the following research and data collection:

  • Assistance with strategic planning and needs assessment

  • Design and development of surveys and other data collection tools

  • Feasibility studies or pilot studies

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis

  • Creation of program theory and logic model

  • Scientific writing and reporting

  • Use of data visualization and infographics in reporting

  • Research and technical writing needed for grant applications

  • Focus group facilitation

  • Ethnographic research

  • Best practice research

  • Program design and development

  • Creation of plan/model for program sustainability

To discuss how we can assist your organization
by providing rigorous and valuable research and data